Prices are in HUF and iclude VAT. We do not charge service fee. Half portions are charged at 65%.

Beer snacks, Starters

Garden party 3.290.-
Grilled goose liver with grilled paprika sauce, with toasted
seasoned brioche

Greek wings 2.490.-
Grilled chicken wings with Greek tapenade, with toast

Trust me, it’s good 2.890.-
Gratinated Feta cheese marinated with capers, with cherry
tomatoes with olives , toast

A shack on the riverside 3.190.-
Baby octopus salad with lemon, on toasted baguette

Sit down, eat with us 2.890.-
Camembert marinated with green peppers, with marinated olives,
toasted almonds, with a toast

Watching Dortmund win 4.490.-
Beef tartar with onion chutney, cherry tomatoes and toast

Three kinds of simple 1.890.-
Belgian fries with three kinds of dips


Like coming home 890.-
Chicken broth with semolina dumpling with cheese
and green herbs

A winter in Vietnam 890.-
Pureed green pea soup with green curry, lime and coconut chips

A summer in Livigno 890.-
Creamy sun-dried tomato soup, with bacon crisp
and toasted baguette

Dragons in Sevilla 1.290.-
Mussels soup with white wine and cream,
with cayenne pepper, with toasted baguette

Travels on the couch 1.290.-
Chicken soup with chili and coconut milk,
with string beans and grilled prawns


Thiefs congregation 4.990.-
Rosé grilled duck breast steak, with a pear and cellery salad,
cashew and basil and lime dressing

Merry Sunday 4.390.-
Deep fried beef nuggets, with grilled tomato seasoned wuth olive
oil, olives, toasted baguette

Marrakesh recipe 3.290.-
Grilled, marinated ewe cheese, with Tabouleh with vegetables
and chickpea, with fresh green herbs

Life starts right here 4.390.-
Grilled squid, with mixed green salad, fresh veggies, green soy,
with a sesame seed oil dressing

Verviers warm chicken salad 3.290.-
Grilled chicken breast strips, seasoned with wild marjoram and
incense, on a green salad

Inventing nothing 2.990.-
Grilled ewe cheese, with basil seasoned tomato salad, with
tapenade on toasted baguette

Mussels, prawn and fish

A new chapter 5.990.-
Mussels /prawns steamed in white wine and cream, sun-dried
tomato, with French fries

Distorted reality 5.990.-
Mussels /prawns steamed in white wine with garlic, parsley and
vegetables, with French fries

Dragons on the river 5.990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in coconut milk with red curry,
with French fries

The breath of the sea 5.990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine and cream and garlic
sauce, French fries

Big white lies 5.190.-
Grilled salmon , with a cheese sauce with baby spinach and
grilled paprika, with rice

Born stupid 3.990.-
Grilled cod on rice with lemon and basil, with cherry tomatoes and

Bent reality 3.990.-
Grilled ruff filet, with a baguette with butter, lemon and leek, with
green salad

Chili in the backyard 4.490.-
Grilled prawn skewers with chili flakes, grilled pineapple, with a
green salad with basil, rice

Fishing from your kayak 3.690.-
Grilled smoked mackarel filet,
with garlic toast, an apple salad with horseraddish


Italian neighbours 2.790.-
Chicken breast gratinated with asparagus caprese, on a risotto
with lemon and parsley

Hold yourself back 2.690.-
Grilled chicken liver and okra steamed in coconut milk with red
curry, with dumplings

Under the chestnut tree 2.890.-
Grilled chicken breast , with broccoli steamed in cheese sauce
with bacon, rice with green herbs

Beyond imagination 2.790.-
Chicken breast strips with caramelized onion jam, gratinated with
mozzarella, with green salad and toasted baguette

Everybody lies 4.990.-
Duck breast strips steamed in cherry beer with green pepper and
leek, with dumpling

The prof’s favorite 5.290.-
Duck breast steak, (300 gr) with baked , crushed potato
and green salad


Pigs in high places 3.290.-
Pork tenderloin medallions gratinated with tomatoes and
Parmesan, with seasoned fried potato balls, green salad

Hazy identity 2.990.-
Pork clod confit with rosemary and garlic, with seasoned apple
salad, with fried potato with parsley

Get rich, build a highway! 3.390.-
Grilled tenderloin with feta and pepperoni cream, with fried potato
, tomato salad

Everybody gotta love this 3.190.-
Marinated pork ribs, with baked potato and BBQ sauce, tomato
salad with arugula and onions

Legends of Czechoslovakia 3.290.-
Tenderloin strips and chicken liver, grilled with bacon,
parsley and garlic, with spicy baked potato

Beef and lamb

We want all your riches 6.590.-
Grilled, marinated steak, with onion jam with sun-dried tomato
and thyme, with toast gratinated with Brie, green salad

There is an end to everything 5.990.-
Rostonsült bélszínsteak baconös, aszaltparadicsomos, tejszínes,
parmezános gnocchin

Donald Dumb, MVP 6.290.-
Grilled, marinated steak , with roasted peppers gratinated with
cheese and oregano, fried potato balls, with cherry tomato,
zucchini and olives, tomato aioli

Well fed lamb 5.990.-
Marinated lamb leg steak, gratinated with seasoned eggplant
cream and Feta, with grilled vegetables and potato gratin with
olives and onion

Peaceful coexistance 6.290.-
Lamb leg steak marinated in a cajun seasoning, with paprika
salsa, okra grilled in bacon, fried potato balls and tomato salad

Looking the other way 5990.-
Lamb leg grilled with rosemary and blackcurrant jam, grilled
zucchini, fried potato balls


Picnic in the woods 2.790.-
Grilled, smoked ewe cheeese and wild mushroomsand grilled
tomato in cream with fried tomato, served on gnocchi
with baby spinach

Close to the finish line 2.590.-
Potato scone gratinated with cheese and seasoned eggplant, on a
tomato salad with arugula

See you soon 2.690.-
Grilled, marinated camambert, with grilled green asparagus,
with a black currant chutney, on steamed rice


Sweet and salty 1.190.-
Home made cheese cake with salty caramel

Antoine and Desirée 1.190.-
French vannila cream, soft chocoalte ganache, on oatflake crumbs
with chocolate

Black and white 1.190.-
Crémee brulée with dark and white chocolate and coffee