Az árak forintban értendőek, az ÁFA-t tartalmazzák. Árainkhoz 13% szervízdíjat számolunk fel! Féladagokra 65% számolunk fel.


Kalamata hummus, with fried onion rings and pita 2990.-

Steak tartare with cajun remoulade sauce, marinated red onion, toast 5390.-

Chicken wings, seasoned with lemon and soy, with kimchi, toast 3190.-

French fries with 3 kinds of dips: yogurt, cajun remoulade, sweet chili 2290.-

Seasoned grilled Feta, with olives, roasted seeds, marinated cherry tomatoes, baguette 3390.-


Beef stew with vegetables, mushrooms and bulgur 1990.-

Salmon soup with dill and cream, baked baguette 1990.-

Carrot cream soup seasoned with mango and ginger, with mascarpone seasoned with chili and chestnut 1590.-

Old fashioned meat broth with semolina dumplings 1590.-


Grilled prawn skewers, with a jalapeno and lime dressing on eisberg salad 6390.-

Roasted pita bread filled with spinach and cheese, with a tomato and arugula salad 3590.-

Grilled chicken breast strips, seasoned with wild marjoram and incense, wit ewe cheese crumbs on a green salad 4590.-

Grilled chicken breast nuggets, with chickpea, green herbs, pita chips, roasted almond, with yogurt with tahini and garlic 4190.-


Grilled goat cheese, with grilled vegetables 4490.-

Bulgur risotto with cherry tomatoes, grilled eggplant with a yogurt seasoned with lemon and tahini 3990.-

Grilled, seasoned Feta, with grilled seeds, marinated cherry tomatoes, baguette and green salad 4390.-

Mussels, prawns

Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine sauce with garlic and cream with fries 5990 / 6990.-

Mussels / prawns seamed with vegetables, white wine, butter with sage, with fries 5990 / 6990.-

Mussels / prawns steamed with leek, garlic, white wine, chili and mascarpone, with fries 5990 / 6990.-


Grilled cod with mashed potatoes with caper, with jalapeno flavored fresh salad 5490.-

Mussel steamed in a garlic, white wine, tomato sauce, served on pasta 4790.-

Cod grilled in ham, on a bulgur risotto seasoned with allspice, with a lemon and black pepper sauce 5290.-

Grilled salmon with crushed green peas in butter, steamed rice with green herbs 6590.-

Grilled cod with baby spinach, with rice seasoned with coconut, grilled cherry tomatoes, Caribbean black beans 5590.-


Grilled chicken breast strips, with grilled vegetables, bacon, seasoned baked potato, with pepper seasoned yogurt 4590.-

Chicken liver baked with pancetta and herbs, red onion and carrot wedges steamed in sweet chili sauce, with mashed potato 4590.-

Grilled duck breast with baked and crushed potato and a green salad 6990.-

Chicken breast grilled with three kinds of cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes, with a green salad and baked potato with parsley pesto 4590.-

Chicken breast grilled in bacon, with a cider, thyme seasoned celery cream, with baked apple with thyme, steamed rice 4590.-

Chicken breast strips steamed in a Tuscan cheese sauce, served on pasta 4590.-

Grilled pullet breast filet in a dijon mustard sauce with estragon, with grilled broccoli and mashed potato 4590.-

Duck breast seasoned with cardamom, steamed in sour cherry beer, with dumplings 6990.-


Pork tenderloin grilled with pepperoni and Feta, with baked potato with sour cream, tomato salad with arugula 4990.-

Marinated cutlet roasted with caramelized onion with blue-cheese, with jasmin rice and green salad 4990.-

Tenderloin strips and chicken liver, grilled with bacon, parsley, garlic, and tomato served on seasoned baked potato and fried onion rings 4990.-

Knuckle of ham, with baked potato with bacon, onions, pepper seasoned yogurt, tomato salad with arugula 5190.-

Pancetta grilled with herbs, with kimchi and steamed jasmine rice 4990.-

Pork tenderloin roasted with walnut crumbs, with baked apple with pearl onions, gorgonzola cream and mashed potato 4990.-


Grilled sirloin steak and bacon with creamy gnocchi with porcini mushrooms 8690.-

Marinated grilled steak strips, with a mustard and chili butter cream, spinach with garlic 8690.-

Marinated grilled steak, caramelized onion with beer and maple syrup, mashed potato, baked string beans 8690.-

Grilled steak on a baguette, with grilled eggplant with seasoned yogurt, baked potato, green salad 8690.-


Grilled shank with Feta and paprika cream, mashed potato with caper, green salad 8490.-

Marinated grilled shank with kalamata hummus, grilled vegetables, baked potato 8490.-

Pulled grilled shank , with grilled Feta and lemon, on a baguette, with green salad 8490.-


Sponge cake with Belgian chocolate and marzipan 1990.-

Tiramisu with Black Forest cake memories 1990.-

Cheesecake on almond crumbs, with lemon meringue 1990.-