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Prices are in HUF and include applicable VAT.
Half portions are charged at 70%.
A 13% service fee will be added to the prices.

SOUPS, Starters

Meat soup with spinach semolina souffle 1990.-

Chickpea soup with yogurt, lemon, oregano, served with toasted pita and zatar 1990.-

Shrimp tails roasted in chili, garlic olive oil,
with parsley and parmesan, served with toasted baguette 4990.-

Spicy beef tartare with red onion jam, roasted cherry tomatoes, and toast 5990.-

Crispy steak fries tossed in za’atar, served with feta cheese cucumber 2290.-


Grilled chicken breast strips, seasoned with majoram, and incese,with ewe cheese crumbs on a green salad 4990.-

Greek white cheese grilled with gremolata, served with pita chips and lemon salad 4690.-

Grilled zucchini slices with toasted walnut and spinach blue cheese linguine 4690.-

Mussels, prawns.-

Mussels/Prawn steamed in a creamy sauce with basil, white wine, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic 6990.-/7590.- .-

Mussels/Prawn steamed in a creamy sauce with salt-fermented lemon, capers, white wine, and herbs 6990.-/ 7590.- .-

Shrimp tails sautéed in sesame oil with crunchy vegetables and udon noodles, and brown sugar soy sauce 6590.-

Grilled salmon steak with caper and lemon aioli, tempura-fried baby Romaine lettuce, and mashed potatoes 6990.-

Miso-baked cod with gingered, sautéed vegetables, served with jasmine rice 6290.-


Chicken strips sautéed with herbs and chickpeas, served with pita chips, tomatoes, tahini, and garlic yogurt 4990.-

Chicken breast slices baked in ham with caper, anchovy, olive, and Mediterranean tomato rice 4990.-

Chicken strips sautéed with bacon, in a creamy sauce with white wine, sun-dried tomatoes, chili, parmesan, and basil, served with linguine 4990.-

Pink roasted marinated duck steak with sweet chili and roasted peanut cucumber salad, served with mashed potatoes 7290.-

Grilled chicken breast fillet with soft cheeses, olives, roasted onions,roasted peppers, and herbs, baked au gratin, served with balsamic salad and parsley roasted potatoes 4990.-


Pork tenderloin medallions baked with bacon, spicy pepperoni, and feta cream, served with sour cream roasted potatoes and arugula tomato salad 5490.-

Pork tenderloin strips sautéed with mushrooms in a creamy mustard sauce, served with buttered bread dumplings 5490.-

Pork tenderloin medallions in crispy breadcrumbs, served with buttery mashed potatoes, lemon arugula salad, and toasted pumpkin seed pesto 5490.-


Marinated beef tenderloin steak in spicy oil, served with chili butter sauce, grilled vegetables, and parsley roasted potatoes 9390.-

Beef tenderloin steak aged in spices, grilled with zucchini slices, served with toasted walnut and spinach blue cheese linguine 9390.-

Lamb rump marinated in a salted lemon gremolata, served with roasted vegetable wedges and mashed potatoes 8990.-


Bailey’s panna cotta with white chocolate cappuccino sauce2290.-

Mango mascarpone cheesecake with toasted coconut and granola base2290.-