Prices are in HUF and iclude VAT. We do not charge service fee. Half portions are charged at 65%.

Beer snacks, Starters

Watching Dortmund win            4490.-
Beef tartar with onion chutney, cherry tomatoes and toast

Rustic delight            2590.-
Ewe cheese cream, with fried onion rings, toasted baguette

Chili farm on the Danube            2490.-
Chicken liver grilled with bacon and onion , with a spicy sauce, toasted baguette

A pearl of the Adriatic            3190.-
Baby octopus and mussels grilled in olive oil with chili and garlic, with toasted baguette

Hermelin            2990.-
Camembert marinated in seasoned olive oil with

Three kinds of simple            1890.-
Belgian fries with three kinds of dips

Nothing to complain about            3190.-
Grilled goose liver , with seasoned black current on toasted brioche

Wings of fire            2490.-
Grilled chicken wings , with orange seasoned dressing , toast


Driving in the mountains            890
Blue cheese creme soup, with smoky, baked eggplant

Times long gone            890
Old fashioned broth with matzo balls with duck liver

Walking alongside the coast            1890
Creamy fish soup from different sea fish, mussels, chili cheddar cheese and spinach

Mountain sheperd soup            1290
Lamb ragout soup with sour cabbage and cream, seasoned with summer savory, with toast

Heartwarming little soup            890
Pea cream soup, with crispy bacon chips, fried onions


Walks like a duck            4990.-
Grilled duck breast slices, on a salad with mango, arugula and lemon

Inventing nothing            2990.-
Grilled ewe cheese, with basil seasoned tomato salad, with tapenade on toasted baguette

Royal salad            3190.-
Chicken breast grilled in walnut crumbs, on a green salad with yoghurt and blue cheese dressing

Cousins from Nice            3190.-
Tuna on a green salad , with a yoghurt and tarragon dressing

Verviers warm chicken salad            3190.-
Grilled chicken breast strips, seasoned with wild marjoram and incense, on a green salad

Mum’s recipe            4590.-
Grilled prawn on a Mediterranean salad with mango

Garibaldi’s repast            3190.-
Grilled mozzarella filled with cream cheese with smoked ham, on a green salad

Mussels, prawn and fish

The breath of the sea            4490.- / 5990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine and cream and garlic sauce, French fries
With double mussels: 7.600.- / double prawns: 10.900.-

A Brussels classic            4490.- / 5990.-
Mussels /prawns steamed in a white wine and butter sauce,with vegetables, French fries
With double mussels: 7.600.- / double prawns: 10.900.-

Blue and white            4490.- / 5990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in a blue cheese, cream wine and leek sauce, French fries
With double mussels: 7.600.- / double prawns: 10.900.-

A Sunday experiment            4490.- / 5990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine with chili and basil sauce, French fries
With double mussels: 7.600.- / double prawns: 10.900.-

A trip to Mexico            4490.- / 5990.-
Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine sauce with bacon, corn, chili cheddar, French fries
With double mussels: 7.600.- / double prawns: 10.900.-

Hipster mussels            4590.-
Mussels fried in a garlic butter, with bacon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, parsley, chili , with baguette

Santiago’s supper            3790.-
Three kinds of sea fish grilled on olive oil with garlic, with grilled vegetables, baked potato

Expecting a resurrection            3390.-
Pike perch grilled in bacon, with beetroot salad with cream and horseradish, mashed potato

A fine lad            4990.-
Grilled salmon, with romain lettuce grilled with white beer, with crushed potato

Austerity measure            4990.-
Grilled salmon with olives, sundried tomato, feta, onions on a warm barley salad

Survival instinct            4290.-
Cod grilled in bacon, with a risotto with corn and dill

Deep down you know it            3990.-
Smoked trout filet baked with creamy spinach, with gnocchi with bacon, ewe cheese and dill


The prof’s favorite            5290.-
Duck breast steak, ( 300 gr) with baked , crushed potato and green salad

Haunting your demons            2990.-
Chicken thigh filet nuggets marinated in yoghurt, baked potato, romain salad with feta and olives

Everybody lies            5090.-
Duck breast strips steamed in cherry beer with green pepper and leek, with dumpling

Chicken of the new era            2790.-
Grilled chicken breast strips, with grilled vegetables, with seasoned yoghurt sauce, steak fries

Italian lesson            2990.-
Marinated chicken breast, gratinated with mozzarella caprese, with baked potatot with tapenade, green salad

Firing up the oven            5190.-
Slowly baked duck breast, with baked onions and barley salad with lentils

Winter makes me smile            3190.-
Chicken breast grilled with cream cheese with ham, grilled asparagus, with a white asparagus sauce, mashed potato

Our local Alaska            2690.-
Chicken breast grilled in ham, grilled apricots, cheese dressing with basil, jasmin rice


Wanting to be everybody’s darling            3190.-
Grilled tenderloin, with cheesecream with smoked ham grilled in eggplant, baked, crushed potato, tomato salad with arugula

Legends of Czechoslovakia            3190.-
Tenderloin strips and chicken liver, grilled with bacon, parsley and garlic, with spicy baked potato

Get rich, build a highway!            3390.-
Grilled tenderloin with feta and pepperoni cream, with baked potato seasoned with cream, tomato salad

The favorite of ze people            4290.-
Baked knuckle of ham, with seasoned potato with bacon and fried onions, ewe cheese cream

No surprise here            2990.-
Pork neck confit with garlic and rosemary, Bavarian potato salad

Bending the truth            2990.-
Tenderloin grilled in seasoned bread crumbs, with grilled pear with arugula, mashed potato

Everybody gotta love this            3190.-
Marinated pork ribs, with baked potato and BBQ sauce, tomato salad with arugula and onions

Beef and lamb

A little bit of controversy            6690.-
Grilled steak with goose liver, grilled asparagus, grilled prawn skewer, grilled vegetables, sauce hollandaise

On the way to finding inner peace            5990.-
Grilled steak with a potato cone filled with spinach, ewecheese cream

Dedicated to Kloppo            5990.-
Marinated, grilled steak, with green beans with garlic and bacon, baked potato and gravy

Go running tomorrow            6190.-
Steak with green pepper sauce with cream and mushrooms, romain salad grilled in seasoned butter, dumpling

Successful, just because            5990.-
Steak Salisbury style, seasoned with mustard, worchester, with nameko mushrooms, grilled zucchini, fried onions, grilled cherry tomatoes, baked , crushed potato

As long as you let them            5990.-
Marinated lamb leg steak, with olives, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, baked, crushed potato, tomato salad

Looking the other way            5990.-
Lamb leg grilled with rosemary and blackcurrant jam, grilled zucchini, bakaed potato with rosemary

Joining the ranks            5990.-
Marinated, seasoned lamb leg steak, grilled with black olive cream, tomato salad


The goat in the garden            3390.-
Griled goat cheese / mozzarella with grilled vegetables

Hideaway on the Danube            2990.-
Poatato cone gratinated with olives, feta, sun-dried tomato and onion, with a tomato salad with arugula

The Trojan rabbit            2490.-
Grilled smoked ewe cheese with onions, with a warm barley salad with tomatoes


The will of a whole country            1190.-
Belgian chocolate cake with pear

Everyday geniuses            1190.-
Tiramisu with marzipan and sour cherry

Before you leave            1190.-
chocolate truffle créme brulée with mascarpone foam