The prices are in HUF and include the VAT as well. For half portions we charge 65%.


Hummus, with grilled seasoned sausage and pita 2990.-

Grilled seasoned chicken wings, with an orange-and-ginger sauce, with toasted baguette 2690.-

Beef tartar with marinated onion, grilled cherry tomato, aioli with sun-dried tomato, toast 4690.-

Beef tartar with marinated onion, grilled cherry tomato, aioli with sun-dried tomato, toast 4690.-

Baked potato wedges, with three kinds of dips (mayo with curry, yoghurt with pepper, bbq sauce) 1990.-

Smoked butterfish tartar with herbs and olives, with toast 3290.-



Cheddar creme soup with chili and broccoli, with grilled bacon crumbs 1190.-

Green pea cream soup with wasabi, with grilled prawn. 1490.-

Brothwith lovage seasoned matsoballs 1190.-

Beef stew with brown beer , vegetables , mushrooms, bulgur 1590.-

Sea fish and mussel soup with white wine and cream 1790.-



Tiger prawn grilled in a Parmesan vinaigrette, on a green salad with lemon, herbs 5590.-

Grilled, smoked ewe cheese, with toasted baguette, tomato salad   3390.-

Grilled chicken breast strips seasoned with wild marjoram and incense on a green salad   3490.-

Bavarian potato salad with bacon, with grilled string beans, grilled white sausage 3290.-

Duck breast grilled with green pepper and honey, with a salad with arugula and orange   5590.-


Grilled Feta on seasoned chickpeas with tomato, with grilled Roman lettuce, toasted pita   3490.-

Potato cone gratinated with smoked cheese and spinach, with arugula and tomato salad   3490.-

Goat cheese grilled with seasoned honey, with grilled vegetables   3690.-

Mussels and prawns

1 kg mussels or 0,35 prawns 4.590.- / 5.990.-

Mussels / prawns steamed with butter, garlic, lemon, parsley in white wine with French fries

Mussels / prawns steamed with white wine, cream, forest mushrooms, parsley, garlic, with French fries

Mussels / prawns steamed in white wine with olives, tomato, garlic, green herbs and French fries


Mussels / prawns steamed in white wine with blue cheese, garlic, broccoli with French fries  5190 / 6390.-

Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine sauce with smoked eggplant, oregano, tomato, sprinkled with Panko crumbs, with French fries  5190 / 6390.-

Mussels / prawns steamed in a white wine sauce with aioli with sun-dried tomato, French fries  5190 / 6390.-



Grilled chicken liver and okra with cajun seasoning, steamed in cream with garlic, with dumplings  3490.-

Chicken breast grilled in ham, with baked potato with shiitake mushrooms, green salad  3490.-

Grilled duck breast, with sour cherry with balsamic vinaigrette, grilled celery wedges, mashed potato, baby lettuce  5590.-

Panfried chicken breast strips, with grilled vegetables, seasoned potato wedges, with yoghurt sauce with black pepper  3490.-

Duck breast seasoned with cardamom, steamed in sour cherry beer, with dumplings  5390.-

Grilled chicken breast filet with grilled eggplant, gratinated with black olives and sundried tomato and mozzarella, French fries and arugula salad  3490.-

Panfried chicken breast strips, peanuts and parsley, steamed in a soy-and-chili sauce, with fried egg, grilled broccoli, and steamed jasmin rice  3490.-



Baked knuckle of pork, with potato with bacon, fried onion, herbs, with yoghurt with black pepper  3890.-

Pork tenderloin, gratinated with spinach and cheese, on gnocchi with garlic and white wine   3890.-

Pork belly roasted with herbs, with coleslaw with mustard oil and jalapeño, French fries   3690.-

Tenderloin gratinated with cheese with walnut and rose pepper, with grilled pear, on pasta with broccoli pesto and mascarpone   3890.-

Grilled tenderloin, with perl onions roasted in maple syrupwith bacon and thyme, with grilled Roman salad and mashed potato   3890.-

Tenderloin strips and chicken liver with tomatoes panfried with smoked bacon, garlic and parsley, on spicy potato wedges with fried onion   3890.-

Pork tenderloin grilled with pepperoni and Feta, with baked potato with sour cream, tomato salad with arugula   3890.-


Grilled steak and zucchini slices in a baguette, with fried onion and spicy cheddar sauce, with green salad 6990.-

Marinated, grilled steak with grilled green asparagus, cherrytomato, with griled prawn skewer with sauce Béarnaise, with seasoned French fries 6990.-

Grilled steak, with a blue-cheese and grilled pearl onion sauce, grilled broccoli, and steamed jasmin rice 6990.-

Marinated, grilled, steak with grilled stringbeans with bacon and garlic, with Leffe Dark gravy 6990.-

Grilled mutton leg steak with baby Roman lettuce, with beans roasted with brown beer and jalapeño, with pita  6690.-

Mutton leg steak roasted on butter with garlic and sage, with string beans with garlic, baked potatoes with Parmesan 6690.-

Grilled mutton leg steak and grilled Feta, roasted garlic, roasted potato and vegetables 6690.-


Chocolate roulade filled with Belgian chocolate and chestnut mousse, with hot cherry sauce with rum    1390.-

Sponge cake with dried apricots, rum and chocolate  1390.-

Salty chocolata cake with orange meringue on almond crumbs   1.390.-