Az árak forintban értendőek, az ÁFA-t tartalmazzák. Árainkhoz 13% szervízdíjat számolunk fel! Féladagokra 65% számolunk fel.


Baked potato with rosemary and lemon marinated in salt, with a Feta dip 2290.-

Grilled sausage meat with onions, marinated in brown beer and thyme, with toasted baguette 3390.-

Seasoned steak Tartar, with marinated veggies, aioli with tomato, toast 5990.-

Eggplant creme with tahini, cayenne pepper, with marinated kalamata olives, baked pita 2490.-

Our home made boursin cheese, with walnuts, grilled bacon, onion jam, toast 3190.-

Seasoned fava cream ( chickpea puree) with caramellized onion, capers, pita 2290.- Beef tartar seasoned with caper, pearl onion, tabasco and garlic aioli with toast 5590.-

Seasoned baked steak potato with three kinds of dips 2490.-

Pulet breast grilled w/ cheese, tomato in a toasted baguette w/ arugula and pesto of herbs 3390.-

Ewe cheese cream with rosemary, with fried onion rings, toast 3190.-


Chicken soup with coconut and red curry 1990.-

Old fashioned meat broth with dumplings 1990.-

Potato soup with cream, laurel, leek and smoked salmon 1990.-

Root beet cream soup , with baked rice noodles 1990.-


Udon ( Japanese wheat pasta ) salad with ginger, veggies and grilled duck breat strips 5990.-

Chicken breast grilled in ham on a bread salad with tomato, oregano and red wine 4590.-

Roasted duckbreast salad with grilled pineapple, toasted cashew, spicy lime dressing on a salad 7190.-

Grilled chicken breast strips, seasoned with wild morjoram and incense, with ewe cheese crumbs on a green salad 4590.-


Grilled cheese marinated in olive oil, potato casserole, garden salad, with Balsamic vinegar 4790.-

Mushrooms filled with spinach with garlic, gratinated in the oven, served on spaetzle with Parmesan, white-wine 4590.-

Cellery steak baked with blue cheese, with mashed potato, green salad 4590.-

Mussels, prawns

Mussels / prawns steamed with miso, chili and cream 6990 / 7590.-

Mussels / prawns steamed in a tomato and mascarpone cream 6990 / 7590.-

Mussels / prawns steamed in a spinach, butter, white pepper and white wine sauce 6990 / 7590.-


Salmon grilled in a marinade coating, with miso, soy, with a shitake risotto with white wine 6990.-

Grilled cod filet, with home made spaetzle pasta, in a butter sauce with capers, marinated lemon 6190.-

Grilled cod , with a mussels ragout with white wine, cream, veggies and curry, with mashed potato and grilled broccoli 6190.-

Grilled salmon, with a bulgur salad with chili and lime, avocado chimichurri 6990.-

St.Peter fish á la Café de Paris, grilled on butter with crunchy grilled veggies, green salad with lemon 6890.-


Marinated duck breast grilled in it’s skin, with balsamic vinegar, red wine, blueberries, orange sauce, with mashed potato and grilled baby lettuce 7190.-

Pullet breast strips, grilled with bacon, leek, broccoli, steamed with a Dijon mustard creme cheese, on jasmin rice 4990.-

Grilled chicken breast and zucchini, with a gnocchi steamed with grilled potato, spinach and Parmesan cream 4990.-

Chicken thigh nuggets grilled with garam masala ( Indian spice mix ) with a baked potato, spicy carrot, yoghurt with chives 4990.-

Chicken liver roasted with bacon, onions, tomato, green herbs, spicy paprika sauce, with baked dumpling 4990.-

Pullet breast gratinated with butter, white wine, blue cheese and white wine marinated peach, with jasmin rice, green salad with lemon 4990.-

Chicken breast in Panko breading, gratinated with seasoned tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan, with mashed potato 4990.-


Pancetta nuggets roasted in a seasoned marinade, with baked vegetables in a ginger, chili and garlic glaze 5490.-

Pork tenderloin grilled with a cheese cream with thyme, cashew and parsley, with grilled mushrooms, potato and aioli 5790.-

Grilled tenderloin with zucchini and cherry tomatoes, with a green-pepper and brandy cheese cream, mashed potato 5790.-

Grilled tenderloin strips with mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, with baked dumplings with a Parmesan, white-wine sauce 5990.-

Baked knuckle of ham, with seasoned sour cabbage, sour cream with chives, baked potatoes with gravy 6590.-

Grilled tenderloin, with pepperoni and Feta, with baked potato, tomato salad with arugula 5490.-


Grilled, marinated sirloin steak, with cayun seasoned baguette slices, fried potato, a Feta dip, with baby lettuce 9990.-

Marinated, grilled sirloin steak, with mashed potato with cheddar, crispy fried vegetables 9990.-

Grilled, marinated sirloin steak, with mushrooms gratinated with blue cheese and spinach, seasoned fried potatoes, garden salad 9990.-

Sirloin steak, grilled on sesame-seed oil, grilled lettuce and Japanese udon pasta 9990.-


Grilled, marinated shank, with a redwine and fig sauce with balsamic vinegar, baked carrots, with mashed potato 9290.-

Grilled mutton leg steak, with baba ganoush, tomato salad with onions, baked pita bread 9290.-

Grilled mutton leg steak , with spinach seasoned with cream and garlic, baked potato, Dijon mustard sauce 9290.-


Brownie pudding with cinnamon 2290.-

French chocolate mousse, with an orange-almond tulie 2290.-

Poppy seed cake with orange glaze with black currant 2290.-